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Knowing Hunger

Three months ago I set out on a journey to escape my miserable job, my periodic poverty, and to escape to better places. I started working for New York Life and was sold a line of bullshit about all the money I could make. You could, indeed, make a great deal of money there. You do not own a defunct corporation that will take a great deal of time, money, and effort to shut down. They conveniently failed to mention that this would prevent me from ever being paid until I have been there over a month.


It's okay. I got a great deal of networking momentum. Many opportunities presented themselves. I could really go places.

Today, for the first time in my life, I knew the experience of being hungry not just because I did not have food handy but because I did not have the money to buy it.

There are many great opportunities before me, but not one of them will mature before I starve and am evicted from my darkened apartment. The time is now upon me to try to find a more traditional job. Fortunately, I still have a network, and skills and experience.

Unfortunately, I have a fiancee who has already lost faith in me and misses no opportunity to remind me of our dire circumstance and make sure I can never achieve the focus needed to do anything.

That is the update for today. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.
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Luck and love to you.
have you tried applying for food stamps?
I have, and sometime in the next 27 months, we may even get them. We should have them in August, but we have been wrestling with them for most of the summer. If I were just completely unemployed and sitting on my duff, it would be simple, but I keep trying to do that working thing and it confuses the DTA to no end.
Might try Amherst Survival Center
An excellent suggestion. We would go there today, but they are not open Wednesday, so we may make a trip out tomorrow. They are good folks. We went last month as well.
Please do not make the mistake of blaming your fiancee for your problems. Again. You wanted a supportive stay at home partner, and that is EXACTLY what you have. The fact that you get stressed out when you're reminded of the reality of a situation is YOUR problem to solve, not hers to tiptoe around.

On a less critical note, I have some (very spicy) beef chili in the fridge if you'd like a couple bowls for tonight.