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More LJ, Less Not-LJ

Winterfest was this past Saturday, and I volunteered there as their photographer/videographer. At the end of the event, they had a great fireworks display, and it got me thinking about where I had been the last few 4ths of July. I could not really remember too well, and it made me realize that I should get back to posting to LJ since I likely do not have any record of many things I have done in the past couple years since I dropped off on here.

I am still pursuing the new job in financial planning. I had one small thing to clear off of my credit report before they could move forward. Coming up with the $2700 to do that proved less difficult than getting the proof to the new company that I had done it. Now, however, all the letters have been sent to all the right places. Now it is just a matter of waiting, and by "waiting", I mean calling them until I get in touch with the person I need to talk to in order to make sure they have the letter.

I think it also might not be a bad idea to look at other jobs in the same field. The one I am looking at is definitely excellent, but only if I get it, and it seems like getting a few other irons warming in the fire is not a bad strategy in the job search world.

I watched the Superbowl on Sunday. I did not get to Micah's party as I had hoped, but I did get a private halftime show from Annie, so I would say that all in all it was a pretty good time. Actually, it was pretty close to the ideal football watching experience. I watched the game, my girlfriend brought me snacks, I got the private halftime show upstairs, then back to the game in time to see the incredible onside kick (which I had to look up the rules for since I had never actually seen one). Being with Annie, I believe that I can say a winnar is me!!!

This weekend is the Flea. Annie and I have a new friend, who I shall refer to here as LittleWho for now. We will be bringing her with us. She has never been to such an event, and we like to help educate folks in the finer ways of the world, so it should be good time had by all.

Wicked Faire is in two weeks. We are hoping to bring LittleWho with us to that as well if I can figure out how to pay for her hotel room. It's times like this that I wish I had the income I should be making. I should go find a job. Fortunately, such a process is underway, and I have a few crafty ideas that may take care of our more immediate needs.

There we go. Now when I look back years from now I can say, "Oh, look, another time when I resolved to start posting more... then failed again." ;)
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I know where the nickname comes from, but part of me takes "LittleWho" and wants to start calling her "Cindy Lou" off of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

Sounds like things are overall reasonably decent. Hope things work out with the job!
Since you got a private halftime show, you are hereby forgiven for missing our party. :-)

We're going to be doing presentations and stuff, included a Birds of a Feather event Saturday night for poly kinksters. You guys should come, and introduce your new friend to us.
When? I'd like to come!


February 9 2010, 22:28:52 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  February 9 2010, 22:29:07 UTC

Here is a link to my Flea Schedule Post. See you there?
I would like to go to WickedFaire, I just have no idea how to come up with the funds. *sigh*

And thanks for posting. I'm sorry I'm so horrible about keeping in touch.
It's ok. You are quite the busy bee, as am I. We've kinda sorta known each other for a long time now, simply by having lots of friends, places and activities in common. It occurs to me that if we really wanted to, meeting on campus for lunch shouldn't be too hard to arrange. We're both there often enough, yes?

As for Wicked, the best thing to do is throw yourself on the mercy of the Jeff. He can almost always find something for someone to do to pay their way in. The hotel room and ride down is harder, but I've seen people say in various places that they needed/wanted roommates. Try Fetlife first.
Will do. I'll also post on here. The problem is I really don't have funds at all.
If you are not picky, you can do it on no money (as long as you don't like eating too much).
I can bring food. It's the place to stay thing.
If that's it, just ask Jeff and offer to work for him. He'll find something for you, especially if you are willing to sleep on a floor or closet or hamper or something.
Okay. Jeff Mach, right?
That's the one.