Michael (fireheart) wrote,

(In) Progress

I just caught up two more episodes of Caprica. It is a decent show. It develops a bit slowly, but it is definitely interesting. I must say that I am pleased by the variety of relationships and social issues that they touch upon. You've got a group marriage, and a married gay thug. There's the WASPy Capricans and the tough guy Taurons. Politics, police, terrorists, business, intelligent robots. You know, the usual elements of drama. I still quite enjoy the way that they portray the group marriage in a completely unremarkable way.

My job search improves. I have two job interviews in the next two weeks, both of which would likely keep me in the Valley. A friend of mine told me that there is a Spirit of the Valley which takes care of its own, and I am inclined to agree. As soon as I started to seriously consider leaving the Valley, opportunities presented themselves which would allow me to stay here. I guess my work here is not finished yet.
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Yay for staying in the Valley!