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I took my Life and Health Insurance test today. I passed with 89% and 87% meaning that I can move forward into the real training with New York Life. This is, of course, very exciting. I can finally get on with my life into a job where I can make the kind of money which means that I don't have to worry from paycheck to paycheck if I will have enough to keep a roof over my head. More importantly, because the job is a matter of networking, it means that I no longer have a job over there and the rest of my life over here. Everything comes together and overlaps as it should, as it did back in the Phoenix Days.

It looks like April 12 will still be the actual start of things, and the week of the 5th to 9th will be a full week of training.

Annie remains really really awesome. Sometimes I forget how awesome she is, then I compare her to other relationships that both I and others have had, and I realize just how lucky I am.

LittleWho is finally back from Spring Break and I will actually get to see her this week, which is quite exciting to me. I have not seen her in about two weeks, and makes for a sad panda.

I will get to attend Tam's going away potluck dinner tonight. I had thought that I would not be able to because I would be at a review session for the tests, but since I have passed the tests, the review sessions are not exactly necessary.

Now it is nap time!
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