Michael (fireheart) wrote,

Strategic Plan

I had a very new experience today. I prepared and presented the 2017 strategic marketing plan for my company. The whole thing.

A couple weeks ago, Shana, the CEO, was telling the team that the managers would be preparing and presenting plans. I've heard those kinds of "the management team will be..." statements before, but this time, I was one of the management team. Woah. Awesome.

Awesome in the supergreat way. Also awesome in the "holy crap", this is on me way. Well, I've wanted the chance to prove myself for a while. I've been saying that I'm all that and I've got all this knowledge. Now, it's time to see if I can deliver.

I worked on this plan from Thursday morning through today. The Powerpoint presentation was 35 slides and took about 3 hours to make, but I got complements on it.The document is was based on is 27 pages comprising 14 campaign ideas, 2 of which were rejected, but 12 of which were accepted. There's something really exciting about having a boss who respects your abilities.
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