Michael (fireheart) wrote,

Posting from the future

When I first joined Live Journal, it was 2001, and I had a phone that was more like a big black brick. Today, I'm sitting on a train, posting from a laptop which is connected to the Internet through my phone which has more processing power than my computer in 2001. Welcome to the future.

Here in the future, I am quite tired. Rowan, that's my daughter, isn't so good at going to bed... ever. And I have to get up at 4:30 AM to catch the train into NYC the one day a week when I do that. I enjoy my trip to the city, but I'm just a bit worn out.

My job remains awesome, but it has moved from the phase of striking out here and there trying this and that to having to settle into the grind of executing strategies and getting results. Mind you, the strategies are those of my own devising, so it's quite exciting, but it can be wearing at times too. What I do matters. Can I bring home results? I think so. But right now I just want to bring home my tired face and put it on a pillow.
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