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Michael's Journal

America's #1 Source for Michael news!!!

19 February 1980
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What I am:
General Manager of Worlds Apart Games
Retired director of the Come Again Players
A Gamer.
A politican.
A funny guy (laugh at or with, your choice).
An Aquarius with Pisces flavor
Self Aware
Salesman for hire
The founder of the now defunct Phoenix Games.
...and much much more.

What I am not:
A Viking
Sketchy (anymore)
A slut

What is an Aquarius/Pisces cusp? Well, an Aquarius has his head in the clouds and comes up with crazy ideas. A Pisces is grounded and down to Earth. An Aquarius is one who would come up with the idea of opening a gaming store in a small town. A Pisces would actually open it. Fortunately, I am both.

Happiness is not to be found by moving, because when you get there you find that you brought everything with you anyway.

In the event that I say anything about you in my Live Journal that you disagree with, please reply to the post with your side. I would be happy to post your statement in my Journal so that people can see both sides.

I have a big cartoon internet mallet. It only exists on the internet and you cannot see it, but if you do something really dumb, you will hear the "BONK".

My dating status:

My store sell Dating Status Buttons. Click the button for more info.